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Aiming to be the Industry's Leading C1Chemistry Total Solutions Company

As a C1 chemical business, HighChem is expanding its license sales and catalyst manufacturing/sales business for SEG® technology on a large scale in China. This technology can produce ethylene glycol from non-petroleum sources using synthetic gas as the raw material. C1chemistry has great potential to act as a trigger for carbon recycling (reusing CO₂ as a resource), application to biodegradable plastics and realization of a hydrogen society. By fully demonstrating the pride and responsibility we feel due to being deeply involved in C1 chemical technology for many years in Japan and China, we wish to fulfill our mission as a high-quality technology provider to address urgent global issues such as climate change and marine plastic pollution.

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What is C1 chemistry?

C1 chemistry is an organic chemical process for synthesizing chemical products from raw materials such as those that contain one carbon atom (CO, CO₂).

In recent years, the public and private sectors have been working together to recycle carbon by producing chemical raw materials from hydrogen and CO₂, and it is hoped that these efforts will help to reduce CO₂ emissions. China, a country blessed with abundant coal resources, is developing this technology for coal ahead of Japan. With C1 chemistry, the carbon atom is fixed in the chemical, significantly improving the efficiency of using the carbon atoms in coal and reducing the amount of CO₂ emitted, which leads to more efficient use.

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