Catalyst Business

Established a supply system for high-quality catalysts between Japan and China

HighChem owns its own catalyst factory in China and has a stable system for catalyst supply. In addition, we have three research centers in Japan and China, and we are working on new development and improvement of catalysts in-house. Based on these systems, we aim to be a leading catalyst company.

Catalyst manufacturing base

HighChem established a catalyst factory in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province in 2011, and has established a supply system for various catalysts, including the supply of DMO and EG catalysts to SEG® licensed companies.

Address〒226017 No. 6, Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, 226017, China
EstablishedAugust 2011
Number of employees:Approximately 170
Total floor area40,499.79 ㎡
Annual production capacityPalladium catalyst 1,500 tons/year, copper catalyst 1,500 tons/year
SCR low temperature denitration catalyst 1,000 tons/year

In-house R&D system

HighChem owns three research centers in Japan and China with about 50 researchers. At the Tokyo Research Center, we conduct high-quality basic research by building long-term cooperative relationships with university laboratories and corporate R&D institutions. In addition, the Nantong Research Laboratory, where the catalyst factory is located, is capable of delivering pilots and scale-ups that are close to the industrial level, while the Shanghai Research Laboratory can deliver industrial level results such as process design and engineering.

  • Tokyo Research Center

    16 R&D staff. The Tokyo Research Center has built up long-term cooperative relationships with laboratories such as Kyoto University and Toyama University. It also maintains good relationships with the R&D and engineering departments of major Japanese companies, and is strengthening the development of new HighChem technologies and products.

  • Shanghai Research Center

    7 R&D staff. Responsible for important parts of industrialization such as process design, engineering, production equipment start-up, and process technology improvement.

  • Nantong Research Center

    26 R&D staff. As an R&D and experimental team, the center is utilizing its production experience as a catalyst factory to carry out pilot scale-up in cooperation with the Tokyo Research Center. It is also responsible for areas such as catalyst performance evaluations, catalyst application development, cooperation in process technology improvement, and organic synthesis.

Products and services handled

SEG® catalysts

The SEG® catalysts manufactured and sold by HighChem are highly selective and highly valued for their strength and longevity.
In addition, the Nantong Factory for catalysts is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has a system in place to provide a stable supply of high-quality catalysts.

Environmental catalysts

Currently, HighChem's catalyst team is focusing on environmental catalysts. Among them, "SCR denitration catalyst" has demonstrated proven results. This is a catalyst for removing NOx (nitrogen oxides) emitted from factories, thermal power generation, and waste incineration, etc.
Manufactured at the Nantong Factory using Japanese technology, we have started sales activities for steelworks, waste incinerators, and government facilities, etc. in HighChem's China network. In 2018, we signed two contracts, one of which began operations in November 2018. At the steelworks in Hebei Province that began operations, this SCR denitration catalyst is operating normally, reaching an emission concentration of 30 mg/Nm3 and a denitration efficiency of 90% or more.

Environmental regulations are becoming more stringent in China. At HighChem, we are working on the development of not only NOx but also VOCs and environmentally friendly titanium catalysts for PET polymerization.


● DMC catalysts ● Fuel cell related catalysts, etc.

Features of SEG® catalysts provided by HighChem
High selectivity
During actual production, the selectivity of carbonylation catalysts has reached over 99% and hydrogenation catalysts have reached over 98.5%.
High strength of hydrogenation catalysts
The strength of the HighChem hydrogenation catalyst is high, it resists pulverization during the reaction process, and the pressure loss inside the reactor does not rise sharply in a short time.
Long catalyst life
HighChem's catalyst that causes the carbonylation reaction has been used for 6 years at a plant operated by Xinjiang Tianye Co., Ltd. In addition, the hydrogenation catalyst is the only product on the market that has been used for more than one year, and has a service life of about 1.5 years.
Advantage of filling amount
It is characterized by a low catalyst bulk density and a relatively low weight of filling in the same reactor.
Factory production level is high
The Nantong Factory for catalysts is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and has a system in place to provide a stable supply of high-quality catalysts.