Chemicals Section 2

Providing a wide range of raw materials for paints, inks, and adhesives

HighChem handles a wide range of raw materials such as paints, inks and adhesives. We also handle value-added functional chemicals, such as hydrophilic coating agent as own manufacturing.

Main business areas

Raw materials for paints, inks and adhesives

We handle a wide range of raw materials such as automobile paints, building paints, marine paints, printing inks, and adhesives. We have established a quality assurance and distribution system which covers all over China so that customer can use highly value-added raw materials without any problem. These supply system is one of our key strength. We also accept various customer requests for special formulations.

Original product: Water-based ceramic hydrophilic coating agent (trade name: HCC-003,etc )

We have developed a water-based ceramic hydrophilic coating agent (trade name: HCC-003) as our own manufacturing product.
The surface coated by HC-003 can have high hardness and heat resistance, and easy to clean properties, for instance, drawing of oil-based marker pens can be easily wiped off. It can be used as a coating for stainless products steel around the kitchen.

Main Products and Services

Resin monomers
2-Hydroxypropyl acrylate 999-61-1220kg/ drum, ISO tank
2-Hydroxyethyl acrylate818-61-1220kg/ drum, ISO tank
Acrylic acid29135220kg/ drum, ISO tank
Aluminum acrylate15743-20-1220kg/ drum, ISO tank
Butyl acrylate141-32-2220kg/ drum, ISO tank
Ethyl acrylate140-88-5220kg/ drum, ISO tank
Resin additives
1,6-Hexanediol629-11-825kg/bag, 200kg/drum
400kg/flexible container, ISO tank
127-68-425kg/fiber drum
Silicic acid11099-06-2IBC tank
2-Butanone oxime96-29-7190kg/drum
Adipic acid124-04-9400kg/ flexible container
Aniline62-53-3ISO tank
Sulfolane126-33-0200kg/ drum
Aluminum dihydrogen
13939-25-825kg/ bag
Barium sulfate7727-43-725kg/ bag
Carbon black1333-86-4
Titanium dioxide13463-67-7
Iron oxide black1309-38-2
Dibasic esters95481-62-2220kg/ drum
Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate763-69-9190kg/ drum
ethylIBC tank, ISO tank
Cyclohexanone108-94-1ISO tank /drum