Environmental machinery

Providing total solutions for eco-friendly and energy-saving equipment

In the field of energy saving, HighChem also provides total solutions for eco-friendly and energy-saving equipment by handling VOC membrane separators, precision ceramic membranes, gas water heaters, crushing equipment, lockers, etc.

Main products and services

Mechanical equipment related
◀ VOC membrane separators: 3 units introduced in Japan

We combine energy-saving equipment and environmentally friendly technology with China's production system and cost competitiveness to stimulate customer demand and provide integrated total solutions from plant design to production and installation.

VOC membrane separation unitDalian Eurofilm Industrial Ltd. Co
Gas Water HeaterPURPOSE CO., LTD.
Hydrothermal treatmentDA INVENT Co.,Ltd.
Injection molding machine, etc.DA INVENT Co.,Ltd.
Dodecanedioic acid(DDA)693-23-2
Hydroxylamine Sulfate (HAS)10039-54-0
Methyl ethyl ketoxime(MEKO)96-29-7
2-Buthyloctanoic acid(1,6-DDA)50905-10-7
Tetramethyl orthosilicate681-84-5
Tetramethylammonium hydroxide75-59-2
Hydriodic acid10034-85-2
Propylene glycol57-55-6
48% Potassium hydroxide solution1310-58-3