Food and Nutritional Ingredients Section

Providing safe and secure food and nutritional ingredients

HighChem imports food and nutritional ingredients from China and sells them in Japan. In addition to providing cost benefits, we know that the ingredients we offer are important to people's lives. As such, we select reliable manufacturers and strive to provide safe and secure products based on our stringent quality control system.
In the future, we will introduce ingredients not only from China but from all over the world to Japan, and at the same time, introduce Japanese ingredients to the whole world. In addition to food ingredients, we also have a system in place to provide food packaging materials.

Main Products and Services


L-ascorbic acid(VC)25kg carton
sodium L- ascorbate25kg carton
Calcium pantothenate(VB5)25kg fiber drum
cyanocobalamin(VB12)1kg aluminium can


Acesulfame potassium(1kgx10)carton, 25kg carton
sucralose(1kgx10) carton
xylitol25kg kraft paper sack

Flavoring agents

Glycine20kg / kraft paper sack
DL- alanine20kg / kraft paper sack
L-sodium glutamate25kg / kraft paper sack
Potassium sorbate25kg carton

Health food- related products

polydextrose20kg / kraft paper sack
collagen10kg carton

Food packaging materials

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