Employee Interview


Dai Dinggui majored in Analytical Chemistry at Hunan University, a national university in China, and completed a bachelor's and master's degree.
In 2012, she worked as an intern at HighChem when she was in the fourth year of university. After completing her master's course, she joined HighChem as a new graduate. She continues to work at HighChem now.

Why did you choose HighChem?

When I completed my master's degree in China and was thinking about my future course, I remembered HighChem, who helped me during my internship. At that time, I received offers from other companies in China, but I liked the family atmosphere I experienced during the internship, and I was very attracted to HighChem in that I could grow myself in the field of "chemistry," which is my specialty. Also, one of the big motivations was the thought "I want to see a wide world other than China!"

You said you graduated from a university in China. Did you study Japanese?

Actually, when I came to Japan for an internship, I couldn't speak Japanese at all. Also, when I decided to join HighChem, although I had passed the Nihongo Kentei Level 2 test, I only had knowledge about the test. I couldn't read emails and couldn't understand at all what the people around me were talking about. I had a lot of problems. I thought this was a big problem for doing sales at HighChem, so I studied by myself after joining the company. I think I have now reached a level where I can communicate with Japanese customers without any barriers to communication.

What is your current job?

I am in charge of the work when major Japanese companies do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) production of functional chemicals in China. OEM production is the job of forming a bridge between a Japanese client and a Chinese contractor.

I conduct market research, select factory audits, and build a production management system so that smooth cooperation can be established between the client and the contractor. Rather than being a mere transmitter of information, we make the most of the relationships of trust we have built up with Chinese manufacturers and our know-how of the chemical industry in Japan and China to help our customers succeed in their business as a bridge between Japan and China.

Recently, I have been taking on the challenge of business transfer, and I was involved in a business transfer of the new ceramic binder business from a Japanese manufacturer. In the future, I will be involved in introducing Japan's only ceramic binder technology to China.

What was the hardest job you've ever done?
How did you overcome it?

This is one of my experiences in OEM production, which I am still in charge of. When I joined the company, I was in charge of actual production. Sales volume was steadily increasing for two years after the start of sales, but a problem occurred on the manufacturing side in fiscal 2016, which became a major complaint. After that, shipping stopped for almost a year. At that time, it was really difficult and I worried a lot. However, I faced it with a strong feeling that I had to overcome this difficulty at all costs. I used trial and error to find solutions—in order to maintain close communication between the client and the contractor, if there was a document to translate, I would respond at high speed, and I tried to catch market information as quickly as possible.
And thanks to the teamwork of all the people involved, we were finally able to solve the problem and resume shipping. We had a lot of trouble, but my experience at this time has become a great asset to me. And this product is now the main product of HighChem, and I'm really glad that I did my best at that time.

Please list three things that make you glad you chose to work at HighChem

  • 1. You can take on challenges even if you are young!

    HighChem has a culture that makes it easy to consult with your boss about any task or idea you want to try to do. If you suggest an idea, your boss will support you, and will assist you with any areas where you are inexperienced or lack knowledge because you are young.

  • 2. A workplace where women can play an active role in a family atmosphere

    There are also events and company trips, so the company has a family atmosphere. In addition, anyone who produces results is entrusted with work, whether they are a man or a woman.

  • 3. You can sympathize with the company's vision!

    Since I am a Chinese person working in Japan, I can greatly sympathize with the company's stance of contributing to society as a "bridge between Japan and China."
    In addition, I can strongly sympathize with HighChem's vision for the realization of a sustainable society, not just the import and export of products. Working at HighChem is a great motivation to be able to contribute to the planet and the environment.

Please tell us your vision for the future!

Until now, I have been in charge of work that already has a foundation, and my seniors have been guiding me in my work. In the future, I would like to take on the challenge of starting a new project from scratch.
And, as the company's vision says, I would like to do meaningful work not only for myself but also for the earth and society. And I want to be a sales person who can be trusted by the people around me, just like my boss who I respect.