Employee Interview


After graduating from university, Satoshi worked for a mid-sized general trading company for 7 years, and then started a business with his manager at that time and worked as an expatriate in Southeast Asia.
After that, he started a new chemical trading company that handled a wide range of chemical products such as medical and agricultural industry reagents, electronic materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and health food ingredients in collaboration with his friends, and has been involved in company management for about 20 years.
After that, he gained experience in company management and worked at a long-established OTC pharmaceutical and health food manufacturer. He joined HighChem after retiring from the company. He continues to work at HighChem now.

Please tell us what you are working on now!

My main task is to support the sales force. Specifically, I conduct market research and select sales routes for new products that sales want to handle, make appointments for business meetings, participate in business meetings with the sales rep, and carry out sales promotions. In my career so far, my main job was new development, so even if the products are different, the way I construct my work is basically the same. I think this is a job where you can make use of the personal connections and know-how that you have cultivated so far.

What kind of company is HighChem from the perspective of a senior employee?

I've run a company in the past, so I'm very interested in how HighChem continues to grow at a faster pace than I could have imagined.
One of the major characteristics of HighChem that I discovered is that even if there are any major issues or problems, nobody talks about giving up.
We only look in the direction of what everyone should do to achieve success. I think a company like that is an interesting place to work.

How do you think HighChem sees senior employees?

HighChem has many young people and is lively and powerful.
I think that what I can do for such young people is not only to teach them work procedures and know-how, but also to convey a more fundamental "philosophy".
Sales work is not only about buying and selling. What is especially necessary is to "sell yourself," in other words to win trust.
However, unless you work with a certain philosophy, you cannot gain trust. People will not grow unless they are trusted. If the people do not grow, the company will not grow.
I think the role of senior employees is to convey to young people the basics that they have built up as businessmen over a long time.

Please tell us your vision for the future!

I think one of the motivations for young people to stay in this company is the question "How many people are there here that I aspire and aim to be like?" I would like to try be that kind of person for young HighChem employees.