Corporate philosophy

Resonance and Coexistence

HighChem realizes strong relationships in the resonant coupling of atoms and the mutual echoing of resonance phenomena in society to contribute to making life better through the activities of the respective employees.

Code of conduct

◆ 1. Resonance and coexistence with Japan and China

With a love for chemistry and through corporate activities, we aim to achieve true harmony between Japan and China in a fair, open manner as we contribute to the development of the chemical industries in both countries.

◆ 2. Resonance and coexistence with customers

While establishing HighChem as a brand in the chemical industry, we will satisfy and benefit all customers for coexistence and co-prosperity alongside them.

◆ 3. Resonance and coexistence with employees

The corporate culture of HighChem offers employees fair opportunities to motivate them to make the best use of their skills and abilities as they achieve their goals and thereby effectively help the company achieve its goals.

◆ 4. Resonance and coexistence with society and the environment

HighChem makes wholehearted efforts to develop a healthy society in accordance with what is expected of a good corporate citizen and, in particular, as a company that specializes in chemistry in compliance with laws and regulations to protect safety, health, and the environment.

◆ 5. Resonance and coexistence with the future

With our eyes on the future, HighChem will continually develop new products and markets while maintaining creativity and tackle challenging issues to enjoy limitless growth.