Functional Chemicals Section 1

Providing high-value-added functional chemicals

HighChem has been involved in OEM manufacturing in China for over 20 years. We can provide high value-added services to our customers based on the experience, achievements, and trust of the OEM businesses that we have been involved in. In January 2020, we acquired a ceramic binder business and started handling "Cerander®".

Main business areas

OEM manufacturing

Reliable and smooth OEM manufacturing in China

We manufacture our customers' products on an OEM basis in China.
We can provide total support for everything from selection of contract factories in China to building of production systems and quality control systems and strict information management.

Ceramic binder "Serander®"

In January 2020, we acquired the ceramic binder business and started handling "Serander®". "Serander®", a binder for ceramic molding, is an all-in-one product with added binders and plasticizers. Currently, it is attracting attention as a product for 5G-related electronic components, and is accelerating its expansion into the Chinese market.

Import and export of chemicals

We handle a wide range of functional chemicals from upstream to downstream.
By teaming up with excellent Chinese partner companies, we meet the needs of customers for raw material proposals, product development, quality improvement, and cost reduction precisely and quickly.
We also help our customers introduce their products to China.