In the execution of operations, the officers and employees of HighChem Tokyo will comply with laws, regulations, international agreements, and company regulations, as well as observe business etiquette to act in a responsible manner according to social norms.


1. We will respect human rights and will not discriminate nor harass anyone.
2. We will comply with treaties, laws, and regulations governing the environment to conduct earth-conscious activities.
3. When trading, we will comply with laws, regulations, and company regulations and act fairly.
4. We will adhere to international agreements on trading.
5. We will manage the company’s information and handle information obtained from outside the company properly and will not infringe the rights of third parties with regard to intellectual property.
6. We will not engage in unfair trading of stocks (insider trading).
7. We will not act against the company’s interest and will distinguish between private and public matters.
8.We will record and report matters related to finance and accounting in a timely and accurate manner.
9. We will give gifts and entertain clients without violating laws, regulations, and company regulations within reasonable bounds under normal social conventions.
10. We will respond in a resolute manner to antisocial forces and never divert profits.
11. We will consult or report any behavior that is or may be in violation of these norms to a supervisor, compliance officer, or member of the compliance committee immediately, regardless of whether it was discovered by us or was an inadvertent violation on our part.