• A bridge between Japan and China, and to the Future

    Acting as a bridge between Japan and China,
    HighChem has always been quick to identify customer needs and changing trends in society since its founding,
    and has grown by filling these gaps in the market

  • Precisely and Quickly Meeting Various Needs

    In addition to providing cost-effective Chinese products,
    we select reliable manufacturers and enforce a stringent quality control system

  • C1 Chemical Total Solutions Company

    We are expanding the SEG® licensing business and catalyst manufacturing and sales business on a large scale in China.

  • Addressing the Marine Plastic Pollution Problem through Biodegradable Materials

    Develop into a total solutions company for biodegradable materials and solve the world's marine plastic pollution problems


HighChem's three business domains


  • Resonance and Coexistence

    HighChem realizes strong relationships
    in the resonant coupling of atoms
    and the mutual echoing of resonance phenomena
    in society to contribute to making life better
    through the activities of the respective employees.



  • Clean the air and the oceans Enriching both economy and environment

    We will take the lead in creating a society
    that aims to achieve both economic wealth
    and environmental wealth
     by increasing the efficiency of carbon utilization
    to deliver cleaner air and
      reducing marine plastic pollution
      to deliver cleaner oceans.