Trade Business

Delivering Price-Competitive Products Precisely and Quickly

HighChem engages in import/export sales and OEM manufacturing of chemicals in a wide range of fields from functional chemicals to life sciences and electronic materials. In addition to providing cost-effective Chinese products, we strive to provide safe and secure products through the selection of reliable manufacturers and our stringent quality control system. We also help our customers introduce their products to China.

Business Fields

HighChem's Strengths in Supporting the Trading Business

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

OEM manufacturing in China

We have been involved in OEM manufacturing in China for over 20 years. We can provide total support for everything from a selection of contract factories in China to building of production systems and quality control systems and information management. In addition, we have a broad track record in different OEM fields, including functional chemicals, electronic materials, and intermediates and substances for drugs and agricultural chemicals.

Track record for OEM fields
Functional chemicalsDrug intermediates/substancesElectronic materials, etcDeveloper for thermal recordingAgricultural chemical intermediates/substances

China sales network

HighChem's network in China helps companies succeed in China

We have 11 bases in major cities in China that provide support to help our customers sell their products. We help our customers succeed in China, including not only export sales from Japan but also sales support for Japanese companies based in China.

Track record for sales fields
Electronic materials• LCD/OLED related materials • LED related materials • Chemicals for semiconductors • Lithium-ion
battery materials Paint/ink • Resin monomers • Pigments • Additives, etc.
Chemicals• Dihydric phenol • Silane coupling agents • Resin monomers, etc.
Functional chemicals• Serander (ceramic binder) • Thermal paper chemicals • Drug and agricultural chemical intermediates

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