Employee Interview


Yu Lin studied abroad in Japan in 2009 and completed his doctoral course at Oita University. He specialized in research on catalytic chemistry in applied chemistry.
After that, he joined HighChem after working part-time at the Oita branch of Renaissance Energy Research Co., Ltd., which is based at the same university.

Why did you join HighChem?

I researched catalysts at university, so I wanted to continue to be involved in catalyst-related work when I started work. Another major reason is that I saw the activities of HighChem, which has established itself as a bridge between Japan and China in the chemical industry, on its website and felt that I would fit in with the corporate philosophy. While studying abroad, Japanese people looked after me very kindly. So I wanted to make use of what I had learned so far and contribute not only to the chemical industry but also to friendship between Japan and China.

What is your current job?

I am in charge of research and development of catalysts related to the hydrogen business, which is one of HighChem's future growth strategies. The research process is not much different from when I was at university.
Set a goal, then plan and execute experiments for the development of new catalysts. Then, through repeated failures, identify where the problems are, and use that knowledge to progress to the next success.
The process of achieving the goal based on such repeated failures is a rewarding moment for a researcher like me.

Please tell us what you find most exciting in your current job!

The big difference between university and corporate research is that while university research creates new things, corporate research must be industrialized and sold as a product to generate profits.
It is my first time to experience this kind of research, so I am learning every day from experienced senior staff at HighChem.
I can feel that being involved in the development of such catalysts that are "actually industrialized" will be directly useful to someone, so I gain a great sense of fulfillment.

Please tell us your vision for the future!

I think that the research on hydrogen energy that we are currently conducting will lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions and will be of great significance to the earth.
I would like to think about how to create catalysts that can realize clean energy and lead to commercialization.
And I want to make efforts to make what I have created into good products that can be used in Japan, China, and around the world, and contribute not only to the growth of HighChem but also to the realization of a sustainable society.