Chemicals Section 1

Establishing a stable supply system for Chinese products

HighChem sells cost-competitive Chinese products from stock, targeting organic solvents whose production is shrinking in Japan. We also handle PI high-performance raw materials.

Main business areas


We maintain tanks of ethyl acetate, cyclohexanone, and acetic anhydride in Japan and have established an inventory sales system.
We have established a strict quality control system and a stable supply system.

PI related materials

We are also strengthening the handling of PI related materials, which are high-performance materials. Our strict control of metal molecules allows us to provide high-quality products. We also handle raw materials in small quantities, including typical PMDA, ODA, BPDA, DMBA, and PPDA. We also have established an inventory sales system in this field.

Main Products and Sevices

Ethyl acetate tanker, ISO tank, drum
Cyclohexznonetanker, ISO tank, drum
DMFtanker, ISO tank, drum
Acetic Anhydridetanker, ISO tank, drum
NPACISO tank, drum
NMPISO tank, drum
Ethyl AcrylateISO tank, drum
Butyl AcrylateISO tank, drum
PI related materials
Classification ItemPackage
Acid AnhydridePMDAdrum, bag
Acid AnhydrideBPDAdrum, bag
Acid AnhydrideODPAdrum, bag
Acid AnhydrideTMAdrum, bag
Acid AnhydrideBTDAdrum, bag
AmineODAdrum, bag
AminePPDAdrum, bag
AmineMPDAdrum, bag
OthersDMBAdrum, bag