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HighChem tie-up with a biodegradable material supplier in China

HighChem Company Limited (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Taka-Ushio, hereinafter HighChem) has signed a sole distributorship contract with Longda Bio-Tech New Materials Co., Ltd which is subsidiary of China's material manufacturer Jiangsu Huasheng Materials Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Jiangsu Province, China; President: Zhang Chunhua, hereinafter Huasheng Group), and will begin sales of biodegradable compound resin using PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate) named PCO2 resin and films products using the PCO2 resin in Japan.
We will also proceed with the application process to acquire the GreenPla® mark authorized by Japan BioPlastics Association, which is given to products that meet the standards for biodegradability and environmental compatibility assessment standards.

The National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic planning Institute announced a policy to limit the use of non-biodegradable plastic last year. As a result, demand for biodegradable materials is rapidly increasing in China. The PCO2, which has excellent biodegradability, is widely used in products such as agricultural multi-films and plastic bags. We will introduce both PCO2 resin and products into Japan to further cultivate the biodegradable market.

[Characteristics of the PCO2 resin and products]

1. Excellent biodegradability and composting performance in soil environment
PCO2 resin, a PBAT compound, has excellent biodegradability. Experiments on agricultural multi-film using this PCO2 completed composting to soils in about six months. (It depends on the soil environment.)

2. Effectively Protecting Crops with Properties resembling Polyethylene
●Excellent water vapor barrier *
Usually, film molded products with biodegradability have a lower water vapor barrier property than those made of polyethylene.
On the other hand, the multi-film made from PCO2 resin has a high water vapor barrier property (close to polyethylene). By using it in agricultural multi-films it can also be expected to suppress the evaporation of soil moisture, and it is possible to create a good environment for agricultural crops by slowing down the soil temperature.

※Water vapor barrier properties are properties that block water vapor and are important properties for agricultural multi-films and packaging films. It is usually evaluated by water vapor permeability (WVTR/JIS:K7129).

●Excellent mechanical properties
It is possible to produce a light, thin film similar to that made by polyester, with high mechanical properties such as Tensile Strength.
It can also be expected to reduce the labor burden associated with the disposal of agricultural multi-film, etc. in farmers who are aging due to this excellent property.

3. Recruitment track record among well-known companies in the U.S. and Europe
PCO2 plastic shopping bags, garbage bags and other film products have been adopted by many well-known European and American companies.
We have also obtained international certification marks in Europe and the United States, which require high standards.

U.S.: BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) authorization
Europe: EN13423 Standards Approval, etc.

We would like to build a close relationship with biodegradable materials suppliers, which are emerging in China, and serve as a bridge with Japanese materials manufacturers, thereby contributing to the worldwide spread of biodegradable plastics.
Through these comprehensive efforts, we will become a "total solution company for biodegradable materials" and work hard to solve the world's marine plastics issues.

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